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The interest in cell-free syntheses is increasing as it provides the selectivity and specificity of biocatalysts and the control over the reaction of in vitro systems. However, the maximal conversion is seldomly reached for complex in vitro enzyme cascades, as many interactions and inhibitions can disturb the reactions. Therefore, an optimization is often necessary, which can be quite challenging. Using an algorithm can give the advantage of a goal oriented and thereby less laborious and time-consuming working method for the optimization of such a complex system.


The goal of this project is to make use of an algorithm to optimize an in vitro enzyme cascade. The model cascade used in this study produces terpenes, which are a class of natural products with a wide range of applications. An iterative approach by generating information about the system in the lab and proposing new reaction conditions by Kriging is applied to find the optimal conditions for the whole reaction cascade.



  • Rolf J., Siedentop R., Lütz S., and Rosenthal K. (2020)
    Screening and Identification of Novel cGAS Homologues Using a Combination of In Vitro and In Vivo Protein Synthesis
    International Journal of Molecular Science, 21(1): 105