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Access to the programme is possible for students with a Dipl.-Ing.(FH or U) or students with a Bachelor Degree (B.Sc, B.Eng, B.Tech) in Chemical Engineering or equivalent degrees. (More details see under Entry Requirements.) The programme starts exclusively in winter semester (October).

Although formal qualifications in German are not required for the Process Systems course, some basic knowledge of the language before starting is strongly recommended to assist the integration in everyday campus life. Students are expected to attend German language classes offered in parallel with the lectures, tutorials and laboratory work for the technical subjects.

Students with a Bachelor's degree from a German University, Fachhochschule etc. : Please apply centrally at TU Dortmund University

Students with an international Bachelor's degree:


Interested students meeting the criteria are encouraged to submit their application using the internet form which is accessible until April, 30. Deadline for the submission of the application is April, 30,  for application for the following winter semester starting in October. We ask students to apply as early as possible as the time for processing your documents and visa might easily last more than 5 months.

Please thoroughly read the application instructions. After sending the application you cannot revise your data or documents.
Your application has to include the following documents:

  • A copy of school-leaving certificate (A-level or secondary high school)**
  • A copy of university degree and transcript. If your Bachelor programme is not yet completed provide a provisional certificate and transcript or a statement of the university that you will have complete your Bachelor programme before enrollment)**
  • A copy of English language certificate
  • GRE score sheet (no application without language certificate - ETS-Codes: Institution Code: 8523, Department Code: 1001) **GRE is mandatory. It is sufficient to upload the results, you do not have to have the test results sent via GRE to us. Please take the general test.
  • Curriculum vitae** including an actual photography
  • Motivational Letter**
  • Certificates for additional qualifications (as German language certificates, publications, etc.)
  • Two letters of recommendation** from professors who are familiar with your studies. Please upload the letters together with all the other documents. If your professors do not hand out the letters to you, they can e-mail their letters to


    Important: It is imperative that professors send the letters before the application deadline and refer to your application number. Otherwise the letters cannot be assigned and your application will be rejected because of incompleteness.

Additionally for applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam:

  • Applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam have to enclose the certificate as issued by the “Akademische Prüfstelle (APS)” at the German Embassy in their country of origin.
    Please note:

Only „APS-Zertifikate“ are accepted. „APS-Bescheinigung“ are not sufficient. „Gruppen-APS“ will only be accepted if they were issued for TU Dortmund University.

Applications without these** documents will be directly rejected.
Deadlines are binding and reference to the application number must be included as mentioned above.
The evaluation process normally lasts around 10 weeks. We ask you not to send mails inquiring about your status before. Please check the FAQsection in case of further questions.



Kirsten Lindner-Schwentick
Koordinatorin für Lehre und Studium