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M.Sc. Maren Zimmermann

M.Sc. Maren Zimmermann Foto von M.Sc. Maren Zimmermann

(+49)231 755-2108


Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering
Laboratory of Solids Process Engineering
Emil-Figge-Str. 68
44227 Dortmund

Raum G3-4.12


Research Topic


One concept within the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is process intensification. This approach should lead to more efficient processes.

In the process step “direct compression” tablets were produced by compressing dry powder without any pretreatment strep. In this work specific subareas of this simple method to manufacture tablets, namely “die filling”, “blending” and “lubrication”, should be investigated.



A tablet is a solid single unit dosage form made by compressing dry powder blends or granules[1]. As they offer a number of advantages, for example high patient compliance and the simplicity in production, they are the most common drug delivery system today. Difficulties can occur due to poor powder flowability and segregation of powder blends. In addition, lubrication is a critical step as it could influence the final product properties.[2] 

The aim of this work is increasing the productivity of direct compression on a tablet rotary press. Therefore the description of the powder flow into the dies, the integration of a continuous mixing step and modifying external lubrication are core issues.


[1] Fahr, A., Voigt, R., Pharmazeutische Technologie: Für Studium und Beruf, Deutscher Apotheker Verlag, Stuttgart (2015).

[2] Bauer-Brandl, A., Die Tablette: Handbuch der Entwicklung, Herstellung und Qualitätssicherung, EVC Editio Cantor, Aulendorf (2011)

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2017 PhD at the Laboratory of Solids Process Engineering, TU Dortmund

M.Sc. Biochemical Engineering, TU Dortmund

Master thesis: Conceptual Design and Construction of a Droplet Separator for Producing a Fine Aerosol


B.Sc. Biochemical Engineering, TU Dortmund

Bachelor thesis: Studies on Degradation of Environmentally Relevant Concentrations of Bisphenol A with Immobilized Tyrosinase from Agaricus bisporus

2001-2010 Walburgisgymnasium (Menden)
Born November 13th, Wickede (Germany)