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Cytochrome P450 monooxygenases (P450s) catalyze oxidation reactions on a broad range of substrates leading to many different chemical transformations of their substrates. As they can modify and diversify chemical compounds acting in a regio- and often stereoselective manner, they are considered powerful biocatalysts for the production of high value oxychemicals, such as pharmacological compounds. Due to their natural roles in detoxification reactions and metabolite biosynthetic pathways, P450 monooxygenases are found in nearly all kingdoms of life. Consequently, there is still a high potential to find novel P450s with a new substrate and reaction spectrum.
The objective of the project is to identify novel microbial P450s using a combination of a bioinformatics approach and activity screening. Characterization and optimization of both wildtype strains and heterologous expressed P450s can yield in the development of novel hydroxylation processes for biotechnological applications.

Figure: Genome mining combined with high throughput screening and optimization to establish biocatalysts for hydroxylation processes



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