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Promotionsausschuss/Doctoral Commission

There are no scheduled consultation hours. Please make an appointment ().

All requests need to be submitted at least four business days prior the meeting of the doctoral commission in order to be considered (usually the meetings are on Mondays, that means submission of the documents until Wednesday before the meeting).

Electronic communication with the doctoral office is required starting at the 01.01.2020 - see link below.

On 20th April 2020 the faculty decided that there is a possiblity to take the oral examination during the Corona crisis. Please look for detail below at "Oral Examination".


The Doctoral Commission deals with all matters concerning doctorates at the Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering. These include, for example, registration as a doctoral student, the initiation of the doctoral examination procedure and defining the regulations for the Department's doctoral examinations (Promotionsordnung).


  • Prof. Markus Thommes (head of doctoral commission)
  • Prof. David Agar
  • Prof. Oliver Kayser
  • Dr.-Ing. Katrin Rosenthal
  • M. Sc. Heiner Veith
  • M. Sc. Maren Termühlen

Meeting Dates of the Doctoral Commission

  • 10.08.2020 at 15:00 h
  • 14.09.2020 at 15:00 h
  • 19.10.2020 at 15:00 h
  • 30.11.2020 at 15:00 h

Doctoral Examinations


Due to the Corona Crisis, the participation of the faculty can only be realized virtually. For details look below at the individual examinations. An invitation mail with further information will be sent by the chair of the supervisor.

M. Sc. Ilya Lukin: "Rotating Packed Bed Application for Aroma Recovery Intensification"

The dissertation will be available for inspection in the dean's office of BCI from 09.06.2020 until 23.06.2020 - Deadline for objections: 26.06.2020.

The oral presentation of the dissertation will take place on 29.06.2020 at 16:15 h in CT SR ZE 15.

Zoom Meeting ID: 942 404 1674

(Please note that registration for the meeting is necessary)


Doctoral Procedure

This information does not replace the regulation for Doctoral examinations (Promotionsordnung 2014 mit 1. Änderung) but should serve as a guideline for doctoral candidates and for all persons involved in the examination procedure. When in doubt, the most recent version of the „Promotionsordnung“ should be consulted.

The communication with the doctoral office must be performed electronically using following link. An overview of the required information and documents is given below. Please note doctoral students who started before January 2014 (Promotionsordnung 2007) are obligated to provide their documents in paper copies as follows.

Admission as Doctoral Student

Those aspiring doctoral candidate status need to submit an application including following documents:

  • transcript of records bachelor of science (Zeugnis mit Gesamtkredits)
  • final grade certificate bachelor of science (Urkunde)
  • transcript of records master of science (Zeugnis mit Gesamtkredits)
  • final grade certificate master of science (Urkunde)
  • curriculum vitae

All documents have to be submitted at least four business days prior to the meeting of the doctoral commission in order to be considered. Since originals of the aforementioned records and certificates need to be presented as well, a personal contact is required. An appointment is obligatory ().

In accordance to the “Landeshochschulgesetz HG NRW 2014 §67(5)” and the “Promotionsordnung 2014 §5(1)” students working on their doctoral thesis are obligated to join the doctoral program by an enrollment with the faculty.

The doctoral candidate status is restricted to four years but it can be extended on request (form).

Submission of the Doctoral Thesis

Upon finishing the thesis the doctoral candidate has to submit several documents. In order to be considered by the doctoral commission the documents have to be submitted at least four business days prior to the meeting. An appointment is obligatory ().

  • paper copy: submission (not necessary for online submission) form
  • paper copies (6) of the doctoral thesis (references in ACS format, template title page)
  • paper copy: list of own publications signed by supervisor* (template)
  • paper copy: form regarding co-author contributions signed by supervisor* (form)
  • paper copy: up-to-date curriculum vitae signed by the student*
  • paper copy: summary in German signed by supervisor (less than 300 words)* (template)
  • paper copy: summary in English signed by supervisor (less than 300 words)* (template)
  • paper copy: submission declaration form* (form)
  • paper copy: proof of participation in structured doctoral program signed by supervisor* (form)
  • paper copy: separate title page
  • paper copy: membership suggestions for the examination board signed by student and supervisor (form) - not necessary for online submission
  • paper copy: plagiarism check signed by student and supervisor (first 5 pages)
  • PDF-file of the doctoral thesis
  • PDF-file of summary in German
  • PDF-file of summary in English

*unsigned versions of the paper copies have to be attached in the appendix of each thesis

Oral Examination

After complete submission of the documents to the doctoral office the doctoral commission reviews all documents and appoints an examination board. The doctoral commission is not obligated to follow the suggestions of the candidate. The doctoral commission requests the supervisor to schedule the oral examination with the candidate as well as the members of the examination board. Afterwards all participants of the examination are invited by the doctoral office and the reports are requested from the referees. The student has the opportunity to read the reviewer reports three to five business days prior to the examination in the doctoral office. Copies, records and personal notes are not allowed and an appointment is obligatory ().

The head of the examination board informs the student about the grades right after the examination, a confirmation letter is sent from the doctoral office to the student afterwards.

Due to the Corona situation the following procedure has been defined by the faculty of BCI for oral doctoral examinations:

  1. Contrary to the “Promotionsordnung” it is possible to take the exam during the corona crisis in presence of the members of the examination board only.
  2. An appointed external member of the examination board (“externer Gutachter”) is obligated to participate in the examination. A conferencing service like (Zoom, Webex etc.) might be used to comply with this rule.
  3. The doctoral examination has to be open to the members of the faculty. This can be achieved by conferencing service as well. In order to control the access a registration in advance is recommended.
  4. The technical aspects related to the conferencing service are organized by the doctoral student. One further person joining the examination physically is advised.
  5. If there are technical issues and the external member of the examination board or the members of the faculty cannot join the procedure the examination will be canceled.
  6. The doctoral student has to apply (scanned letter with signature) for this kind of examination by the doctoral commission (promotionsausschuss.bci@tu-dortmund.de).


The student is obligated to implement the examination board's comments in the final version of the thesis within one year (date of oral examination). Furthermore the title page has to be changed and the administrative appendix (section "Submission of the Doctoral Thesis" items marked with *) has to be removed from the thesis.

There are multiple different modes for publication of the final thesis in the “Promotionsordnung §18(3)”, three of which are common:

  • Monographic dissertations are usually published by an official publisher (e.g. Shaker, Dr. Hut and Cuvillier ). A confirmation letter of the publisher is required containing author, title, ISBN number and information about minimal circulation. 10 paper copies need to be provided to the doctoral office.

  • Another strategy to publish a monographic dissertation is the electronic publication by the library of the university. Therefore a PDF-File (type A) and 10 paper copies are required to be provided to the doctoral office. An additional form is needed.

  • For cumulative dissertations 10 paper copies are required containing the text body as well as the publications and have to be handed in at the doctoral office. The copyright needs to be requested from the publishers of the journal articles. A confirmation of the acceptance of each journal articles is required.

For finalization, the required amount of copies of the thesis as well as the below-mentioned documents have to be submitted at the doctoral office.

  • paper copy: form for certificate data signed by student and supervisor (form)
  • paper copy: actual curriculum vitae signed by student
  • paper copy: final title page
  • PDF-file of the doctoral thesis

The final version of the thesis is transferred to the members of the examination board by the doctoral office for cross checking. Afterwards 4 copies of the dissertation are submitted to the library by the doctoral office (not by the doctoral student).

The issuing of the final certificate usually takes three months and the certificate will be sent by registered mail from the dean’s office.



Prof. Dr. Markus Thommes
Vorsitz Promotionsausschuss / Head of Doctoral Commission
Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen

Emil-Figge-Str. 68
44227 Dortmund

G3, 4.19

Tel.: 0231 755-5954 (Sekretariat)